GDPR and cookies

Cookie Use

This site has a cookie law information pop-up which provides information about cookies.

What’s a cookie?

This website uses cookies. These pieces of information, which are stored on your computer’s hard drive, record how you move around the website so that your next visit can be tailored for you. Cookies can also be used to analyse website traffic and for marketing. There are two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies store an anonymous session ID which allows you to browse the site without logging in on each screen. These are deleted as soon as you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your computer and can be read by the website that created them.

Cookies can also be classified as strictly necessary (without which the services on this website will be unavailable), performance (which provide site statistics, such as how many people visit the website) or functional (which provide enhanced features). Information collected by cookies is usually anonymous.

You can usually change which cookies you accept in your browser settings.

This site has no plugins. To find out more about how WordPress uses cookies please see this link.