GDPR and cookies


Personal Data

  • Your personal data (as defined under the GDPR) is only collected to provide you with a service, respond to your enquiries and to keep you up to date with new services and/or my availability.
  • Your data will be kept while you are a client. Certain information will be kept for a further 7 years after your project is completed (for tax purposes).
  • Your data is collected directly when you provide your details or join my mailing list.
  • Your personal data is never shared with third parties unless you have given express permission for this to be done, or there is a legal requirement to do so.
  • Your personal information will not be sold to third parties.
  • You can opt out of any marketing communications at any time by emailing or using an unsubscribe link.
  • Should you wish to view your data that is held on file, please email with your request and this information will be provided within 10 working days.

Data Protection

  • All project-related files for current projects are stored on a password-protected personal computer that no-one else uses.
  • All emails for current projects are stored on a password-protected computer that no-one else uses.
  • Files are backed up regularly to an external hard drive which is stored securely and is also password protected. They are also backed up to cloud storage which makes requires two-factor authentication for access.
  • All project-related files and all emails for completed projects are stored in password-protected cloud storage.
  • Only email and contact information is accessible from my mobile phone which requires an access code or finger print recognition for access and can be deleted remotely if required.
  • All personal data is irretrievably wiped from all old devices before disposal.

Version 1.0 November 2018