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Case Studies

A proofreader will, of course, check for typos, grammar errors, and inconsistencies. They are also an impartial outsider who will be able to highlight any areas that may not be clear to someone without your background. Here are a few case studies highlight other areas where I can help clients.

Case study 1 – weekly blogs:

Team members in Client A take it in turns to write a weekly blog in WordPress. Team member 1 uses ‘focussing’ and ‘organisation’ when they’re writing, team member 2 prefers ‘focusing’ and ‘whilst’, and team member 3 uses ‘organization’ and ‘while’. I have drawn up a corporate style sheet for their website, and use this to make sure their blog is consistent. I do, of course, also check for typos and anything that is unclear.

Case study 2 – a multi-session training course

Client B creates bespoke training courses, each of which consist of multiple sessions produced over a period of months. As well as checking for typos, and that the sessions are consistently formatted, I check references to previous (or subsequent) sessions are correct, test all the weblinks referred to, and I make sure that the teacher’s planning notes agree with the students’ notes.

Case study 3 – AI generated transcriptions

Client C produces video course with AI generated transcripts. Once these transcripts have been generated, I check that the wording accurately reflects what was said in the original video, remove any gobbledegook, and highlight any supporting material that may have been referred to.

Selected Clients

BookMachine is a global community and app that has been bringing publishing people together since 2010. Through online and in-person events, videos, courses, and the community hub, publishing professionals can make new connections, build key skills and develop in their careers. They also run the BookMachine Creative Agency, a UK-based events and marketing agency dedicated to the worlds of publishing and education, assisting businesses and brands with stand-out digital marketing, digital product development and virtual events.

Mosaic Partners is a boutique consultancy specialising in leadership development, employee engagement and comms, employer brand, and culture change. They partner with our clients to develop leadership, leverage change, and positively enhance organisational culture.

TwentyOne Leadership works with fast-paced organisations to build leadership capability, develop talent and lead change. The team blend the best in leadership, change and brain-based research to create powerful, impacting and unique experiences for their clients, The TwentyOne Leadership team have worked with clients in every continent around the world to lead, change and engage their people more effectively.

The Product Room is a designing, printing and merchandising specialist who helps clients to bring their brand to life. The Product Room provide brand strategy consultancy, graphic design services, merchandise sourcing and print services.

If you would like to discuss how I may be able to help you, or you want to know more about my services, I’d love to hear from you. Please email for further information, or schedule a meeting if you’d like to me to give you a call.


‘an extremely efficient and professional proofreading service.’
(Leadership consultant)

‘fast, good and transparent service’
(Management consultant)