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Are you struggling to produce polished, clear and consistent written communication?

Whether you are writing marketing materials, a business proposal or a training manual, I can help you to fine-tune your writing by removing distracting errors, identifying inconsistencies and standardising your format and style. Contact me now!

Make a good first impression – your website

When you meet someone for the first time, you form an impression about them based on their appearance and presentation. Your website is often your first ‘meeting’ with a potential client, who, it is estimated, will look at your page for only 7 seconds. A silly spelling or grammar mistake can put them off and make them doubt your credibility. I can help by spotting those errors and so you make a great impression!

Sell your services – marketing material

Producing anything for publication is costly, whether it’s an online advertisement, a brochure or a poster. At best, an error in the published version could make your ad memorable for the wrong reason; at worst you may have to destroy and reprint all your material and/or you could alienate your potential clients. I can help to save your money (and your reputation) by removing errors before publication.

Keep it clear – training manuals

We’ve all encountered instructions translated directly from Chinese, but even writing in your own language can be difficult. As the author of a training manual or a set of instructions you are a subject expert. This makes it very easy for you to miss out a step which is ‘obvious’, or to use terms which aren’t familiar to your reader. As an outsider, I can highlight any areas that need further clarification.

Keep it consistent – tenders, proposals and multi-author documents

Tenders, bids and proposals are often a joint effort with work pulled from a number of resources and authors. This can result in inconsistencies in formatting, spelling and grammar which can distract your reader from your fantastic offer. I can help by standardising your work and ensuring that any submission guidelines are adhered to.

But I don’t have a budget for proofreading …

Which is a more cost-effective use of your time:

  1. rereading what you’ve already written (and potentially missing mistakes as you tend to read what you think you’ve read)
  2. making that sales call to win more work, completing some paid work, or even just getting away from your computer for a well-deserved break

If you answered (2), then send a sample of about 400 words of your writing to today. I will provide a free, no-obligation, quote to help you to decide whether hiring a proofreader is worth the money. What have you got to lose?

‘an extremely efficient and professional proofreading service.’
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‘fast, good and transparent service’
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