Taming Word – AutoCorrect settings

This week’s post is the second in an occasional ‘How to’ series for getting the best out of Microsoft Word. This document will look at Word’s AutoCorrect (there will be more about AutoFormat options to follow). Microsoft’s autocorrect functions can be very useful, BUT I would advise checking your settings before you allow Word to dictate to you how you should spell and format your work. At the very least, checking settings might save you swearing at your computer, but setting Word up to work with you can also help you to avoid introducing unintentional errors into your work.

Before I look at some of the settings, do remember:
If Word does change something automatically that you didn’t want changed, hitting CtrlZ (or Undo) will undo it.

If you have encountered any specific problems using this feature, or other aspects of Word, and you’d like me to explain how to solve them in a future blog, please get in touch.

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